New York Credit Counseling Can Improve Your Financial Situation

New York Credit Counseling Can Improve Your Financial Situation

Jun 23

Many people are concerned about managing their finances more effectively. Falling behind on debt can be an emotionally exhausting experience as well as a drain on your everyday finances. It is common to be worried about calls from collection agencies, late fees on bill payments and other inconveniences.

While no one has yet concocted a magic spell to instantaneously cause all of your debt to disappear, there are responsible steps you can take to realistically solve your debt-related problems while retaining a solid credit rating. A consultation with an experienced and trustworthy credit counseling service can be an ideal first step in improving the quality of your financial picture.

Gain Assistance in Getting Rid of All Kinds of Debt

The certified and trained counselors at New York credit counseling services like Credit Guard can use their expertise to analyze your individual financial situation and place you on the road to recovery. They will take a look at your expenses, your budget and other aspects of your finances with a careful eye on creating a custom plan to eliminate your debt and ensure that you remain free of debt in the future. Credit counselors are trained to provide debt relief from unsecured debt, meaning debt that is not backed by collateral or assets, as well as secured debt.

Decrease the Amount of Your Monthly Payments

The debt experts at a New York credit counseling service are there to assist you in developing a more effective approach to handling your finances as you work to get rid of your debt. Many people with debt issues discover that their monthly payments tend to take up increasingly large amounts of their streams of income. Credit counselors have earned certification in debt consolidation and other forms of helping consumers with debt relief. They can assist you in coming up with monthly payments that are acceptable to you as well as your creditors.

Learn Valuable Tips on Money Management

Staying out of debt is just as important as getting out of debt in the first place. A credit counseling service will aid you in creating a viable household budget, changing your spending habits for the better and gaining overall control of your use of credit. A professional credit counselor will offer many suggestions regarding your budget. The counselor will place a special focus on areas in which you can reduce spending or even eliminate spending completely. A credit counseling service can also help you explore the option of consolidating your unsecured debts into a single monthly payment at an interest rate you find appealing.

If you are looking for a solution to your debt issues and a stronger money management plan for your life, try a credit counseling service today.

The Skinny on Student Loans

The Skinny on Student Loans

Jun 09

the skinny on student loans

Today, many graduating college students face a heap of debt with student loans. Starting salaries of many occupations often leave college graduates struggling to pay for living expenses. Add a student loan payment to the typical living expenses, and it’s likely that paying off a student loan can become a real burden. If you’re facing financial hardship paying off your student loans, the Pay As You Earn Program or consolidating your student loans may be a lifesaver.

The Pay As You Earn Program

The Pay As You Earn Program allows you to pay a percentage of monthly income instead of the actual monthly student loan payment. This program is like the past Income-Contingent Repayment Plan (ICR) and the Income-Based Repayment Plan (IBR) but offers more leeway. Loans are repaid under the Direct Loan Program and are based on ability. Family size and adjusted gross income determine one’s ability to pay. Specifically, the government determines monthly payment using the formula of 10 percent of the difference between your adjusted gross income and 150 percent of the poverty guideline for a family’s size. In addition, any remaining balance after 20 years is forgiven.

Eligibility for the Pay As You Earn Program depends on whether or not you are able to demonstrate partial financial hardship or have loans under the Federal Direct Loan Program. What determines financial hardship? If the amount you must pay with the standard repayment plan is higher than the amount with the Pay As You Earn Program, you are considered to have a financial hardship. It all boils down to financial calculations. With smaller monthly payments, your cash flow will increase. In order to determine if this is a good option for you, you can contact your loan provider or get assistance with credit counseling services from a non-profit financial organization.

Student Loan Debt Consolidation

You can also seek credit counseling services for information about consolidating your student loans. There are several pros to consolidating your student loans, especially from a company like Credit Guard. First of all, it simplifies the debt repayment process. Rather than dealing with several lenders, you’ll just have one lump sum of debt. Another advantage to consolidating student loans is that you can usually get a lower interest rate. With a fixed, lower rate for the life of the loan, you won’t have to be concerned with variable rates increasing. Although consolidating your student loans can also lead to a longer repayment period, you’ll get a lower monthly payment to increase cash.

Credit Management and Debt Relief

Credit Management and Debt Relief

May 27

If your sink leaks, a plumber can come over and fix the problem. When your cable goes out, you can call the cable guy to take a look at it. What can you do when you have too much credit card debt?

While it may take some work, anyone can use credit management to achieve debt relief. Managing your credit is fundamental to staying financially healthy. Just like you are supposed to eat a good diet and get enough sleep each night, practicing sound credit management techniques can keep your finances strong throughout your entire life.

Taking the First Step: Debt Consolidation

Consolidating your unsecured debts is the first step to managing your credit. Debt consolidation involves taking all of your high-interest debt payments and pooling them together into one single, affordable payment. It works because we send proposals to your creditors to reduce your monthly payments and interest rates. By consolidating your debts, you reduce the interest rates as well as the amount of money you have to pay each month, freeing up cash for necessities and creature comforts.

Debt consolidation is not another loan. It will not reduce your credit rating. If anything, it will help you improve your credit rating. All you have to do is remember to make the single consolidated payment, and your credit score will show that you are current and consistent with all of your debts. As long as you continue to pay, this will raise your score over time.

The Next Step: Credit Counseling

A debt management program at also enables you to receive credit counseling. A counseling service will provide emotional support and helpful tips to stay financially healthy. We all know that staying physically healthy isn’t just about going on a diet – it is also about learning how to keep those pounds off, eat well and stay active.

Similarly, you need to know how to make and keep a budget, track your expenses and understand what you can afford if you want to stay out of debt. A credit counselor can teach you how to do this and give you helpful tips and encouragement when you are having difficulties. The advice from a credit counselor can reduce the chances that you will need to apply for another credit card or loan.

Free Credit Management

Your first credit counseling session is free, giving you the chance to see if the program is right for you. The regular learning and support you receive are worth every penny you pay after the initial session. Proper credit management will stop creditors and debt collectors from inconveniencing you at home or at work, providing emotional as well as financial relief.

Debt Relief Today

If you let your debt continue to pile up without doing something about it, it will take that much longer to get financially healthy. A good credit management program helps you set up a plan to get rid of that debt for good. Improve your credit rating and achieve debt relief today!

The Path out of Credit Card Debt

The Path out of Credit Card Debt

Apr 25

the path out of debt

There are thousands of people who hold some form of debt in today’s economy. In fact, you need to have experience with debt in some capacity to earn a good credit score. It is almost assured that at some point you are going to borrow money from a creditor. No longer is it a question of if you are going to use credit, it is when. There are thousands of reasons to have to borrow money. Bills from an automotive repair, a medical expense or family emergency, or a sudden loss of employment are all fairly expensive reasons why credit cards are a necessary risk we sometimes need to take.

For the vast majority of debt holders, normal credit card bills are not usually a problem. Most people can afford the monthly payments an interest associated with credit card use. The problem is if there is a change in your ability to pay, or if your credit card debt suddenly piles up. Credit cards are a slippery slope with unforgiving late fees and painful ratcheted up interest rates. Once you miss one payment they begin to snowball into an unstoppable avalanche of bad financing.

The silver lining to this is that the situation is not as dire as it seems. We, as a society, have a social stigma that makes it seem like the debt we incur is a burden we have to bear alone. It is true that we should pay off our own debt, but it should also be seen as a good thing that we sought help when we needed it most. There is no sense in suffering needlessly, as there are many debt solutions available for consumers in today’s market.

Your creditor is a possible source of debt relief. They want you to pay off your debts as much as you want to be rid of them. So, by showing some initiative some creditors are more than willing to help you push past the hard times. Consider enrolling in a debt consolidation program to gain more negotiating power with your creditors.

Using Consolidation Debt Strategies for Car Loan Debt

Using Consolidation Debt Strategies for Car Loan Debt

Apr 11

Multiple car loans for a household under financial stress can be difficult to manage.  For people behind on their car loans or with other forms of debt, several steps can be taken to make the repayment process much more manageable.  Combining multiple car loans into one repayment plan can help people catch up on their debts.  This could benefit a lot of people, especially in the US.

How Does Loan Consolidation Work?

A consolidation debt counselor collects all of the information on the auto loan accounts.  The counselor then confirms the information and develops a repayment plan for the client.  The strategy gives the person a way to comfortably pay off multiple car loans.  One can even add other unsecured debts to the consolidation program to manage more than just one type of debt.

What Are the Benefits of Car Loan Debt Consolidation?

Car loan debt counseling services helps individuals get caught up on their auto loans.  It can also benefit the person’s credit score in several ways.  A person who is finding it harder to manage multiple car notes may find it less worrisome if the loans were combined into one neat payment arrangement.

Benefits of car loan consolidation debt programs:

  • One convenient monthly payment
  • Possible reduction in interest rate
  • Improved credit score possible as a result of more timely payments made
  • Fewer penalties and fees, resulting in reduction of balance owed
  • Potentially higher credit score

Who Would Be a Good Candidate for Car Loan Debt Consolidation?

Any person with multiple car loans can consider consolidating their car loan debt.  If a person is having trouble keeping up with payments on the multiple cars, the consolidation debt services may be extremely beneficial.  As an alternative to falling far behind on car payments and compromising the person’s credit score, the person can consolidate their auto loans into one program.

Becoming debt-free is about organization and simplicity.  If a person wants to get out of debt completely, he or she will have to organize their debts appropriately and find a simpler way to manage ongoing payments long-term.  A consolidation program accomplishes those things and more.  The person learns important debt management skills and how to build their credit score while paying off these debts.

The Best Debt Consolidation Policies for Late Payments

The Best Debt Consolidation Policies for Late Payments

Mar 26

snow ball effect
An occasional late payment isn’t too much of a concern for the typical person.  The average creditor will overlook this.  Even if the late payment is reported by the creditor, the person with an otherwise perfect credit history will see little impact on their score.  It is the snowball effect that many people in debt fall into that causes the greatest impact on a person’s credit score.  Many consumers are confused about how late payments work and affect their credit history.

Payments that are over 30 days late can be reported on a person’s credit file.  The credit report tallies the late payments for timed intervals.  It is possible for the person’s credit score to plunge in excess of 100 points for one account after more than two late payments are made.  Generally, two consecutive missed payments are required before the debt is reported to the major credit bureaus.

Late payments can quickly become a difficult habit to break.  As the late fees and interest continue to accumulate, the debt amount can quickly increase.  As the debt becomes too difficult to manage, the person runs the risks of severely damaging the credit report.  Most people wait until the late payment problem becomes a major issue before they decide to take a closer look at how to properly address it.

Some people find that working with a best debt consolidation program at prevents the late payment problem from getting too far out of hand.  The counselor can get the person organized, and in some cases reduce some of the accumulating interest and late penalties assessed when accounts become delinquent.  The counselor is trained to negotiate and work directly with creditors to lower fees and create a flexible repayment plan.  The person who seeks this help proactively when the inability to keep up with all debts is discovered will be able to catch up on all of their debts.

If the credit score and a poor payment history are a concern, the person should look into something like a best debt consolidation program.  These experienced counselors can help a person fall too far behind on payments.  The consolidation strategy is built around the person’s budget, so the repayment schedule is comfortable.  The counselor’s goal is to create the best plan that the person can commit to long-term.

Late payments occasionally have little impact on the credit.  When the person sees that this has the potential to become a problem, it’s time to look at a better approach to better manage the debt.  In working with a counselor in a structured plan, it’s easier to improve the payment history and credit score.

Why Debt Consolidation is a Smart Way to Get Credit Card Debt Help

Why Debt Consolidation is a Smart Way to Get Credit Card Debt Help

Mar 05

Debt consolidation can help those who have suffered from the recession.

If you are reading this, you are probably one of the millions of Americans that are seeking credit card debt help. Americans have been deep in debt for years, but it worsened during the recession. There are now over 600 million credit cards in use, and many of these cardholders are searching for help with their debt.

What is Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation is not the same as a debt consolidation loan. The last thing you probably want is another loan payment to make. A debt consolidation service works directly with your creditors to negotiate a better interest rate and lower your monthly payment. You tell your debt counselor what you can afford, and they work hard to get an arrangement worked out for you.

Should You Cancel Your Cards While Paying on Them?

Many cardholders cancel their cards when seeking out credit card debt help. If you absolutely cannot restrain yourself from using your card while paying it off, cut it up. But avoid canceling it. Part of your credit score is based on how long your cards have been open. A card that you have had for many years will garner you a higher score than a brand new one. So keep the card open, even if you never plan on using it.

Do You Have to Have Good Credit to Work With a Consolidator?

No.   Debt consolidation is for anyone, regardless of their credit score. In fact, debt counselors are used to helping people with a low credit score pay off their cards to earn a higher score. This is a great option for someone whose credit has suffered during the recession and needs some help building it back up. You will continue to make monthly payments to your creditors. The difference is that the high interest rates may be lowered and the monthly payment will be within your budget.

Debt can happen to anyone. It has, in fact, happened to billions of Americans already. Don’t beat yourself up about your debt. Instead, get credit card debt help with a debt consolidation service today.

Relieve Financial Burden by Contacting Credit Counseling Services

Relieve Financial Burden by Contacting Credit Counseling Services

Feb 27

relieve your debt burden | help with getting out of debt

When people get into more debt than they can pay off, credit scores and financial security are at a serious risk.  Many people work diligently at full-time jobs, take care of families and struggle to provide for all of the financial needs for their households.  When money constantly seems to be short, it can be frustrating to realize a person is never getting ahead financially.

Large amounts of unsecured debt, such as medical debt, credit card bills or student loans can seem to be insurmountable to pay – especially when money is tight.  While these types of scenarios may be frustrating, a person in this situation should not feel alone.  According to debt trends and statistics, people across the nation often are confronted with large debt amounts that seem impossible to pay off while still taking care of monthly household expenses and bills.

Debt Solutions That Lead to a Brighter Financial Future

A credit counseling service can be an affordable and effective solution to getting out of debt.  While overnight results may not appear, people can certainly begin to look forward to taking positive steps to reduce their debt when they use a professional service for consumers who have found themselves in more debt than they can pay off in a timely manner.

Taking advantage of credit counseling services is an ideal way to begin taking control over a shaky financial situation.  When debt seems insurmountable, it is only a matter of a time before a person’s credit score begins dropping if the individual is unable to pay credit card bills and other loans on a reliable basis.  Credit counseling companies provide financial counseling and insight to debt relief and they also give people reasonable methods to pay off outstanding bills in a way that fits into their monthly budget.

Understanding Debt Consolidation Relief

Some people believe that debt consolidation is the same as taking out a debt consolidation loan, but they’re quite different.  A debt consolidation loan adds to a person’s debt, and this can pose to be one more obstacle in the way of financial freedom.  Effective debt consolidation service companies take over primary communications with a consumer’s debtors and begin making negotiations to reduce payments, lower interest fees and to get late payment fees waived.

From putting a stop to annoying credit collection calls to helping individuals better understand how paying off debt in a reasonable and timely method is possible, there are numerous activities that are offered by companies that specialize in credit counseling services.  Taking these simple steps can relieve an enormous financial burden and can give people new hope for a brighter and more financially comfortable future.

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